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WordPress Course in Rawalpindi – Pk institute ,Our organization has been conducting WordPress courses for the past seven years, on the basis of which you are trained at a professional level, in which you learn how to design a professional website on WordPress. Word Press Works Word Press is a professional tool that is in high demand all over the world and every fourth website is designed on Word Press. Our professional teachers can design all types of websites for you. Our aim is to provide you with professional level training so that you are able to understand how you purchase a WordPress theme and how we design a website. are and his plugin is used in this course, we cover all types of design and themes and settings. It is considered to be in high demand and Word Press has a special importance because Word Press is designed as a tool that is in high demand especially in Pakistan. This course can be done in Rawalpindi

WordPress Course Outlline

  • Introduction
  • Downloading/ Installing XAMPP
  • Downloading/ Installing WordPress
  • Set-up an account on WordPress Platform
  • Creating Database for WordPress Site
  • Configuring WordPress and work on Dashboard
  • Posts in WordPress
  • Themes: Appearance of WordPress Site
  • Plugins in WordPress
  • Downloading themes for WordPress Site
  • Pages and Menus in WordPress
  • Customizing WordPress Site
  • Add and delete multimedia items using WordPress platform
  • Reply and handle different types of comments
  • Use various kinds of widgets
  • Use menus to edit the navigation bar
  • Manage users in WordPress
  • Installing new plugins to WordPress
  • Customizing Astra Theme
  • Editing Site with Elementor
  • Hosting for site
  • Make money with WordPress and with different tools and functionalities it offers
  • Install Google Analytics on your website for tracking

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